Celebrate ADHD Awareness Week in the Carolinas!

That’s right, it is ADHD awareness week and we are out and about, speaking, learning and educating as much as we can in our communities!

In an effort to gear up for the week, last week we were at a number of employee health fairs including Verizon, Carson Publishing and Clemson University. We have also done a number of parent and teacher talks at various public and private schools and colleges to help those who have questions about what ADHD is, what the medical science, research and treatment for ADHD is and how we can help.

If you live in or around the Carolina’s we invite you to our offices this Thursday October 18th for an Open House in Charlotte or Greenville and October 17th in Mt. Pleasant starting around 4:30 in the evening until 7pm. Please contact us or the office closest to you for more information.  We will offer an informal and open forum to discuss with our staff and providers the latest on ADHD for children and adults, ask questions and meet others in your community with similar questions and concerns. We believe that by working together we will continue to educate and with knowledge comes power of understanding, appreciation and the ability to improve!

We look forward to seeing you in Charlotte, Charleston or Greenville this week!


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