8 weeks on Medication – Side Effects, Compliance & Improvements

Just a quick update on progress from an adult on a stimulant.

Side effects have begun to diminish at this point completely which is exciting. Diet and excercise have played a large role in this. What has been experienced over the last 8 weeks are all things my provider shared with me and we have discussed and have diminished:

Side effects : Solutions

  • loss of appetite  :  eat prior to taking medication
  • increase in short temper or frustration  :  has diminished over time based on bodies adaptions to medication, less with excercise and free time
  • hyper focused : decreased dose, get up and walk away from desk/office every 2 hours; walk or run at lunch
  • more task oriented which means more direct communicator (which can come across as demanding or gruff)  :  re-read emails/notes, be sure to include common courtesy in dialogue

Areas of improvement:

  • increase in productivity and effectiveness at tasks
  • don’t put off menial tasks or chores (including cleaning/organizing)
  • increase in ability to focus on specific conversations, actions rather than being all over the place which has made me a better and more active listener
  • better driver
  • more effective communicator

Regarding compliance: I have not been taking my medication 7 days a week for the last 8 weeks. I have skipped days, not regularly, but still I have missed days. On days I have missed I feel a bit out of sorts, which I was surprised by. It just took me longer to gather my thoughts and implement ideas or tasks which tells me that it is working. I have been irregular about the fish oil, diet and exercise and am looking to regroup starting this week.



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