Halfway Through the Week

So, it’s Wednesday and I am sticking with the 10mg in the am and today I had another 10mg in the pm the rest of the week was only 10mg daily in the am, always with breakfast and fish oil pills.

Monday after my post, I was a bit out of my element and routine as it is typically an office day and I was traveling. I found it difficult to break my routine and was surprised but I found a quiet spot to get my typically Monday tasks completed and then went on to do what was needed of me. By removing myself from the “group” if you will, I was able to get my tasks done sooner than expected which meant I wasn’t sitting at my desk until 6pm WOOHOO! I even had time to go home, make dinner, watch some football and enjoy an evening walk.

Tuesday I woke up earlier than normal, 6am to get a run in. I didn’t allow myself to lay in bed, I didn’t even think twice or give myself a chance to talk my way out of it (typical behavior). I was at my desk at 7:30 and wrote out my to do list. I made one column for work and another column for personal. My work list looked a bit too long and so I put a quick dash next to the things I wanted done before lunch. Well, the day was a hectic one and lunch landed around 2pm BUT I did get 85% of my tasks completed plus a few extra items that had been thrown in. Good news I was back at it until 4:30 and then the day was complete, well the work day that is. That evening I cleaned the house and went to yoga. No wedding stuff, but I did get some serious me time in.

It’s Wednesday and I made breakfast for us and then got right to work. I took a break at lunch and went to yoga which was wonderful and a much-needed break. Today was a long day in front of the computer and it was tough but the break in the middle was great. Now it’s 8:30pm and I need to work on some wedding stuff, ehhh well, maybe tomorrow. The good news today, I had a great deal of detail work to get through and I knew my day wasn’t going to taper off so that is why I chose to take the second 10mg. Thank goodness for the crock pot dinner was ready when we were.

Things to think about so far:

Mood my fiance says I have been short and a bit moody and don’t seem my cheery self. I am wondering if it is the pressure from work and the wedding? Because we both work from home our relationship is more sensitive to work/life balance and when there isn’t one. Right now there isn’t much balance going on. — thought for future post, bringing the balance back. Either way, I can’t ignore his observations, as much as I would like to, and need to really keep close tabs on myself the next few days. This is never easy.

Letting Go I am having difficulty letting things go or letting anything else in that is not work related. I have always had this problem and am curious if it is highlighted in terms of my social life, spending quality time with my fiance and working on things for the wedding because I am now making time for running and yoga? I need to be careful (see balance above).

Organization I am loving this! I am not typically an organized person and my house, desk, etc… is usually a bit cluttered, not these days! Making time to get things done that I don’t like to do, when I would rather sit and relax, I am vacuuming, dusting, organizing my desk, etc… this is wonderful!

Well, that’s it for today! More to come soon.


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