Fish Oils, Exercise, Diet & Medication – Monitoring My Recent ADHD Diagnosis While Planning a Wedding

So, I get married 24 days from today! I have just under 100 guests, over 70% are traveling from out-of-town, and have some logistical issues to overcome; at the same time we are planning on opening our 4th Focus office in Greensboro, NC that same week! Let’s just say I am on information overload. I wanted to document my journey over the next 2-3 weeks as I implement some additional tactics, strategies and prescribed treatments for my ADHD. Here is a brief overview and some goals I have set for myself. I hope that you find it helpful and are able to find ways to advocate for yourself with your family, physician. I hope you learn or understand that just as with anything else in life, this takes work and effort on YOUR part!

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and have been taking a very low dose, 10mg per day of a stimulant for the last 25 days. I have notices improvements in communication, decrease in impulsivity and increase in the ability to get things done and stay on task. One of the reasons I am on a such a low dose is because I have been successfully working as a manager and business person for the last 11+ years and wanted to be sure I was adapting strong behavior modifications to coincide with my medication treatment program.

Day 1 of journal: 20mg of same stimulant no excercise, healthy breakfast (1 egg, 2 slices of bacon), snack (7 almonds and a small apple), glasses of water, 2 cups of coffee in the morning

Physical changes: increase in heart rate, feeling a bit tense, slightly on edge, hyper focused

Work changes: task oriented, not moving from page to page or task to task online. Have not really moved from my desk except to use the restroom and have snack since 8am (it is now 2pm). Was interrupted by my soon to be husband, I found it hard to switch gears to focus on his needs, but I think that was because I didn’t want to leave “work mode.”

I spoke with my provider about the changes and after reviewing we have decided that taking 15mg in the morning and then depending on my work and business needs 15mg in the afternoon. Right now I am working that in on 10mg am and then in the afternoon as needed for the first half of this week; I will move to 15mg soon. PLEASE NOTE: This journey/journal isn’t just about my medication and medication management however I include it here because side effects, improvements, reactions are all things we hear from people about that are concerns.

The reason we are going to hold off on the 20mg: increased heart yet, increase in sensitivity and being hyper focused. The reason we discussed increasing from 10mg is because I am staying on task much better and my task completion rate is increasing however my attention to detail is still not where I would like it to be and this takes practice not just medication however I am working with both.

Changes and commitments I have made to my social and work life? Here are my goals so far:

  • Take Omega 3 Fish Oil daily
  • Bikram yoga for 1.5 hrs 3-4 times per week (just started this)
  • Running 3-5 miles 4 times per week
  • Get to meetings for work 15 minutes before scheduled time (whether phone conference or face to face) to prepare, get situated and compose my thoughts and goals
  • Right out a task list every morning
  • Review every evening in preparation for the following day
  • Carve out 45 minutes of the work day for lunch/break time to stretch, walk, eat, etc…

Oh… and plan a wedding, open an office, a number of work initiatives, make myself and my future husband a priority ….

I will keep you posted! Wish me luck!



4 responses to “Fish Oils, Exercise, Diet & Medication – Monitoring My Recent ADHD Diagnosis While Planning a Wedding

  1. Danielle, It is such a good thing for you to be documenting this for others. Newly diagnosed people need it. I remember 18 years ago wondering what I was supposed to be noticing or feeling.

  2. Danielle, first of all congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Also don’t forget to leave time to savor the planning of the wedding. Take some pics, it’s one of the big moments you will remember looking back. I also commend you for documenting all of this for others to read and learn from.

    • Thank you Dr. Ortiz! Savor the planning… that may be difficult for me but I am trying my best! Thank you for the compliment and I do hope that my sharing helps others.

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