Transitioning to Your First Year in College? Tips Just For You!

We want to be sure that your experience at college is as successful as possible. There are a number of ways that you can increase your opportunities for such success, but I will warn you that they come at a price – CONSISTENCY is that price!

Helpful tips for students to consider when transitioning to the college setting for our provider, Jade Wright, PA-C:

  • Determine your learning style and use it to your advantage.  Auditory learners benefit from recorded lectures.  Visual learners may benefit from highlighted phrases or rewriting notes in an outline format to help encode and retrieve stored information.
  • Chunk information.  Divide larger projects or reading assignments into smaller portions.  This allows you to focus on less material for longer periods of time. When the material appears more manageable, we are less likely to procrastinate.
  • Stay organized!  Keep a planner and a large binder with several dividers (with pockets or folders) that you can take with you to all of your classes. File away papers as soon as you get them to avoid loose notes that will eventually become lost in the pile on your dorm room desk.
  • Keep your course syllabus handy.  This serves as your guide to the entire class, including assignments and due dates.  Incorporate those deadlines into your planner to track long-term projects or papers.
  • And as always…get routine exercise and try to maintain a consistent routine. Whether it is morning, mid day or afternoon, set time on your schedule to work out, whatever that may mean for you (and it doesn’t mean the gym always – yoga, walking, weights… you choose!) Write it on your calendar and highlight the day after you complete it – give yourself some credit!


For additional tips check out this great blog post by a fellow writer:


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