We Are Now Focused


My name is Kylie Davis and I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was 15 years old. I never took any type of medication until I started college at age 25. My husband has ADHD as well, but due to a heart disease he was unable to take stimulants, until Strattera became available. Our son at age 4 started showing signs of ADHD and was removed from his kindergarten circle time, pushed to the side and left to fall through the cracks.

My husband and I rushed in and immediately changed his school. We found that if we wanted our child to succeed we had to call the shots and make sure the education system was doing everything they needed to do to help him. We started bouncing around from doctor to psychologist to behavioral counselors, you name it, we tried it. We were very upset, frustrated and just at wits end on why our son could not excel in any academic way or even sit still.

He is an avid baseball player who throws at speeds of over 45mph at his current age of 8. He excels in skateboarding jumping, 8ft ramps, plays an entire 18 hole golf game with adults and is the quarterback of his football team. He just could not focus on school at all. He was literally a bouncing ball of emotions and we never knew which side the ball was going to fall on.

I started working for Focus in April of 2012 and I brought my son in to see the Pediatrician, Dr. Woods. The list of medications we had already tried was in excess of 7. We were at a loss for words, and it was to the point we could not even go out to eat as a family without having to leave early due to his interruptions that he just couldn’t control. Dr. Woods evaluated Hunter, tested him and changed his medication. Within three weeks he was coming around. A second evaluation and another dosage change and I can tell you today, we have found the perfect fit medication wise to match up to his amazing personality and talent.

Our son is soaring now, calm, but still has his personality and is an absolute joy to be around. You would not even know he was in the room (not zombie). He concentrates and is reading football plays using memorization that he never could do before. Everyone is noticing a difference in Hunter especially his Dad & I and people like his football coach that he had from last year.

School starts in less than a week and I am so excited about what the future holds for Hunter. Focus really helped our family take that frustration level down to a manageable plan. Dr. Woods has the best heart and truly has a passion for seeing my child succeed and others. She took the dedicated time needed and thoroughly diagnosed Hunter, set his medication and developed a treatment plan that is working like a miracle for him. My husband and I have struggled for 4 years and in 3 weeks’ time Dr. Woods at Focus has forever changed not only our lives, but the future for my son.

Thank you, a living testimony Mom,

Kylie Davis


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