“Focus Gave Me My Son Back” a Testimonial

Mom Danielle shares her experience as a frustrated parent of her 13-year-old son who has struggled with ADHD. We were able to ask mom about her experience and most important now, her and her sons hopes and dreams! We could not be more thrilled than to hear such great feedback!

“After visiting countless doctors, including specialist, we finally found what worked for my son.  Focus was able to effectively manage his ADHD symptoms while keeping the delicate balance with his other health conditions and medication.  Focus gave me my son back!”
“The Pediatrician said there was nothing else we could do to manage my son’s ADHD symptoms. We went through a very trying two years of school filled with disappointment and trips to the principal’s office.  Focus was the answer to our prayers.  At the very first visit we were given a plan of attack and answers to so many questions.  I’m happy to say we have a bright, charismatic, and focused son who is going into the 8th grade with confidence and parents who know he is going to do so well!” 

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