Resources for Adults & Children With ADHD

Select Resources on ADHD                                            Attention Deficit Disorder Association                         ADDitude Magazine                                ADDvance Online Resource                                        Support groups for people with ADHD          Blogs for people with ADHD                                National Resource Center for ADHD                                    National Center for Girls and Women with ADHD


2 responses to “Resources for Adults & Children With ADHD

  1. These are some great sites. I also recommend adding Verify ADHD. It is the only online ADHD/ADD performance based test that provides online assessment of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD) Compatible for ages 6 through 80 years. Internet access – anytime anywhere. Highly accurate performance-based screening in 20 minutes. Easy and user friendly test. Clear and comprehensive report. Immediate results upon test completion. Compare performance on two tests and get a free comparative report. You can learn more at

    • Hi Andres
      I appreciate the information however because we are a group of evidence based ADHD medical clinics that utilize computer based objective testing and screening that have been validated by the FDA and medical doctors and researchers I cannot at this time recommend verifyadhd. I am sure the tool is wonderful however, it concerns me that someone would receive a diagnosis online. In our opinion, ADHD is just as much an emotional and behavioral diagnosis as it is a neurological and medical one and treatment must be just as comprehensive.

      It is our experience that many of our patients who are given a diagnosis even by their primary care provider, if not given the right data can be a true detriment to them.

      I appreciate your comment and for following our blog.


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