New ADHD Medical Clinic Opens in Charlotte, NC Serving Adults & Children!


We could not be happier to share the opening of our Charlotte Clinic in July! Dr. Derek Brugman, DO and Jade Wright, PA will be providing diagnosis and treatment for children and adults starting at age 4 using our evidence based, objective testing, thorough intake and interview process and collaborating with schools and families.

Here is a little information on Dr. Brugman and Jade Wright:

Dr. Derek Brugman, DO

Dr. Brugman has been practicing pediatrics for over 19 years. He has always known, even before he entered high school, that he wanted to be a pediatrician. Because he suffers from ADHD and dyslexia, he was told by parents and school advisors (who had his best interest at heart) throughout college, that his learning and behavioral problems might be obstacles to great to overcome in his pursuit of becoming a doctor. He knew that the one thing that’s true about people with ADHD is that they can hyper focus on what they want to achieve. He focused, overcame and succeeded. That’s why Dr. Brugman has such a passion for treating ADHD. Helping kids to overcome and change their lives is what he lives for. That, and the fact that his son who has ADHD, was giving the right treatment and who has the right attitude, is now on his way to medical school.

That is why for the last 12 years he has developed the reputation of being “The ADHD Doctor”. People come from other practices from all over the region, including: Concord , Lincolnton, or York County to see Dr. Brugman.

His passion and expertise concerning the proper treatment of ADHD has led to his becoming an expert speaker for the pharmaceutical companies. Even though he is compensated by the pharmaceutical companies, he made it clear to them that his priority was not to promote their drugs but to make other primary care doctors more comfortable treating their patients suffering from ADHD. In addition, this relationship affords him the opportunity to travel throughout the country educating primary care physicians in the most effective treatment of ADHC. His personal, family and professional history is why he is so excited to be joining the other doctors of Focus team, who are committed to treating ADHD.

Leslie “Jade” Wright, PA-C

Jade is a board certified and state licensed Physician Assistant, originally from Lynchburg, VA. She completed her B.S. in Biomedical Science with a minor in Psychology at Lynchburg College. She obtained her Physician Assistant’s degree from Jefferson College of Health Science in Roanoke, VA. Physician assistants, also known as PAs, have a generalist medical education background and practice medicine in concert with physicians. Jade has embraced the foundation of the PA profession by remaining committed to individualized treatment, enhanced coordination and quality of patient care.

Jade moved to Huntersville, NC in 2008, where she currently resides with her husband, Justin, and their dog. As a clinician, she’s spent the past four years providing psychiatric services to children, adolescents, and adults with a variety of diagnoses including developmental disorders, ADD/ADHD, conduct disorders, and mood disorders (such as depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder). Her family has been personally touched by the ADHD diagnosis, motivating her passion to seek a comprehensive treatment approach for her patients.


Our schedules are booking up quickly, give us a call today for more information about our unique approach to diagnosis and treatment. We look forward to moving you from Frustration to Focus!


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